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The majority of Large Dog Breeds are Sporting Dogs, Hounds and Working breeds. They are bred and used for purposes requiring superior size, strength and stamina. In this classification are dogs used as hunters, trackers, draft animals, police dogs, army dogs and guide dogs for the blind. Most of these dogs are better suited to farm or country type life styles than to exist in cities, though it must be admitted that with true canine versatility many leased what appear to be healthy and happy lives in busy metropolitan areas. Every dog is different from the next, although all have certain things in common. There are over three hundred distinct breeds today, many of them produced by man to excel at special tasks and to conform to special standards of strength and beauty. No other domesticated animal shows such diversity of body and temperament.




Large Dog Breeds
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It goes without saying that many of the popular Large Dog Breeds are raised in America recognized by the American Kennel Club with the sporting dog being of the most noted. The sporting group is made up of bird dogs, and retrievers, keen-nosed finders and feathers of feathered game. This group however makes up only a minute portrayal of dogs in the large category. There is yet another category when it comes to large breeds of dogs. That category is Very Large and you can guess that they are in-deed very large compared to our first inclination of large. There are many inquiries made when determining or studying the different breeds of dogs. Some of the most popular inquiries are Large Dog Breeds that don’t shed, that are good with kids, list and pictures. Of course shorthaired breeds obviously shed but perhaps not as much as others and we will address these within our site to provide you the information you need or are looking for.

There is a great and overwhelming variety of breeds and is often bewildering to the person who simply wants to buy a dog as a pet or companion. What is the best breed is often asked but that is a very hard question to answer because so much depends on environment, temperament and so on. Dogs are by nature affectionate and teachable creatures. Given a healthy environment, understanding treatment and proper training, most to all of them will develop into delightful pets, no matter what their breed small, large or very large. The top ten breeds according to recent AKC information are: Poodles, Beagles, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, Pekingese, Collies, Cocker Spaniels, Boston Terriers and Pomeranians. Of course this is not the complete picture of breeds small or large but gives us a good idea of what stud books may look like and recognized by the American Kennel Association.

Choosing a breed can be a daunting task. Don’t be timid about asking for advice, most dog people are friendly and will be glad to help you with information and suggestions. Make haste slowly when you are buying a dog. If several breeders in your area are offering the kind of puppy you want by all means do your research regardless of the size. Take into consideration where you live, your age and remember that many different types of breeds will require a certain amount of care no matter how small or big. Large Dog Breeds are the cornerstone of any typical household and with the correct knowledge and research can forever beneficial.